8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dog The Bounty Hunter


Dog the Bounty Hunter was a reality show that aired on A&E for eight seasons from August 31, 2004 to June 23, 2012. The show featured Duane “Dog” Chapman and his family as they located and arrested people who had broken the terms of their bail agreements. It’s been five years since the show officially went off the air, so check out these 8 things most people don’t know about the reality series:

8. How the Show Got Started

Chapman got his own show Dog the Bounty Hunter after he appeared on the show Take This Job, a program about people with unusual occupations. Audiences immediately loved Dog the Bounty Hunter because of his unique dynamic with his family and team, and because the show mixed street smarts, romance, arguments, teamwork, adrenaline-laced arrests with a philosophy of hope and second chances.

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7. Lawsuit

Bobby Brown sued A&E Television Networks, Hybrid Films, and D&D Television Production, over the misappropriation of his publicity rights as well as claims of breach of contract and promises, claiming that he appeared in and was principally responsible for 40 episodes of the Dog the Bounty Hunter. According to Brown, the series grossed more than $ 400 million in its seven seasons since 2004 and he was only paid $ 6,000 for his contribution, despite the fact that he played an instrumental role in the series. “While the series portrays ‘Dog’ and his team as assisting Bobby Brown with capturing difficult fugitives, in fact it was Mr. Brown who laid the foundation for each of these captures with meticulous preparation and research,” the lawsuit read. “In most cases, he postponed faster and less expensive options to capture the fugitives to ensure there was sufficient quality material for filming.” Brown claimed that he prepared extensive reports and worked at least 50 hours on each episode and he doesn’t believe the episodes would have occurred without his expertise and collaboration. Although he was asked to become a full-time member, he became convinced that the Chapmans didn’t intend to fulfill their promises, so he cut ties.

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