Reality TV Scandals: 8 Times Producers Should Have Stepped In


Since its conception, the success of reality TV as a genre has been dependent on drama, and has it ever delivered! Reality TV has invaded every facet of life and millions of fans soak it up day after day but it seems, as audiences become desensitized to what is shocking, the shows are just try to up the ante. Between incredible things shown on TV as well as behind the scenes scandals, there have been more and more incidents on popular reality series where fans have questioned at exactly what point producers start caring about the people they are filming and step in. Here are eight reality TV scandals where producers should have stepped in, or stepped in much sooner:

8. Ryan Edwards – Teen Mom

For eight years, fans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise have watched Ryan Edwards struggle to live up to being the father Maci wanted him to be for their son Bentley, but in season seven, Ryan started to worry people even more. After a lot of speculation, Maci finally confirmed that Ryan was battling some sort of drug problem and while it was sad to see him spaced out or incoherent with Bentley present, things got downright dangerous when he seemingly drove under the influence while on the way to his wedding with his fiancee Mackenzie. The terrifying clip from the camera in Ryan’s car showed the reality star on the highway, slurring his words and closing his eyes while driving as his fiance constantly nudged him to get  him to open his eyes before she finally confronted Ryan about taking something. After Mackenzie had to grab the wheel to keep him from swerving into traffic, she turned off the cameras, but the audio continued and she asked him, “Did you take Xanax again?” Following the episode many viewers questioned why MTV let Ryan get behind the wheel while obviously high and took to social media to express their concerns with one fan writing, “WHEN RYAN EDWARDS FROM TEEN MOM KILLS A FAMILY WHILE MTV KNOWINGLY LETS HIM DRIVE INTOXICATED ON DRUGS WHILE THEY FILM IT, THEY WONT CARE.” Following the backlash, MTV insisted that they did not know Edwards was on drugs, and could not see the footage as it was rolling, stating, “MTV does not condone driving under the influence. Ryan’s erratic behavior was due to actions that he took without anyone’s prior knowledge.”

Source: MTV


7. Bullying – I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here

Reality TV has taken some pretty weird angles which of course includes I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here which has seen a British, Australian, and U.S. version. There have been some pretty jaw-dropping fights and scandalous moments on all the series, but fans became concerned during one incident between Martin Roberts, Larry Lamb and Danny Baker on season 16 of the U.K.’s version of the reality show. In one particular episode the bullying that Roberts had endured from Lamb and Baker intensified to the point where Martin finally broke down in tears, causing many fans to feel awkward and enraged that the abuse had gone that far. After watching the incident, many fans wondered why it had to come to Martin’s breaking point which was awful to watch on TV when producers knew what he was going through long before.

Source: Daily Mail

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