RHONJ: All 8 Couples Ranked From Worst To Best


The Real Housewives of New Jersey has become one of the most drama filled shows in the entire franchise. Created as the fourth installment, it premiered back in 2009 and has turned normal, everyday Italian New Jersey families like the Gorga’s and Giudice’s into full blown celebrities. Just like we’ve come to know the women who are cast on the show, viewers are also introduced to their husbands who are often featured alongside them. Since RHONJ is on the brink of its eighth season, here’s a look at all 8 couples who’ve ever appeared on the show (past and present) ranked from worst to best!

8. Amber and James Marchese

Amber Marchese was a main cast member on RHONJ in season 6, but only lasted one season. She appeared alongside her husband, James Marchese, and while the two seemed very happy together and supportive of one another as Marchese shared the story of her battle with cancer. However, they constantly found themselves in the middle of chaos while on the show and James didn’t make a very good impression of himself by engaging in drama with the other ladies. After leaving RHONJ with no friendships intact, they were scooped up in a strange scandal that involved James being arrested on all alleged domestic assault against Amber after he allegedly grabbed her by the throat and threatened her life while on a plane. The charges were later dropped and both James and Amber deny any kind of violence took place.



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7. Teresa and Joe Giudice

She’s no doubt the star of the show and become one of the most publicized Housewives in the franchise. Teresa Giudice has been with RHONJ from the beginning. Her and hubby Joe Giudice have gone through a lot with the cameras rolling, including a lot of legal troubles that landed them both in jail on separate sentences. While the two put up a united front and seem to be very stable in their relationship, there have been many tabloid rumors about infidelity. Joe’s been caught on camera drinking heavily and talking badly about his wife and other women on the show. It’s clear these two are in it for the long haul, sticking by each others side through thick and thin, but it’s no doubt been a tumultuous path for them.

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