Soap Opera’s 12 Greatest BFFs


Most of us watch soap operas for the romance, but the adventure and interesting storylines pull many fans in too. Watching these shows daily, the characters become part of our day-to-day life and seeing relationships and friendships blossom is a beautiful thing. Super couples are one thing, but there are also many great friends that have come together in the land of daytime drama. As such, below are 12 great soap opera BFFs.

12. Y&R’s Phyllis Summers and Lauren Fenmore

The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Phyllis and Lauren work together now, but these two have become incredible friends over the years. It doesn’t hurt that Phyllis also happens to be Michael Baldwin’s BFF (Lauren’s hubby), but these two have embarked on many crazy adventures together. Then there was also that time when nemesis Sheila Carter had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, only to draw Lauren in. Thankfully, both ladies survived to tell that tale!

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11. GH’s Maxie Jones and Lulu Falconeri

General Hospital’s (GH) Lulu and Maxie have evolved from frenemies to besties over the years in the most wonderful of ways! They were initially rivals as teenagers and when they hit young adulthood they formed a bond while working together under Kate Howard at her fashion magazine. Since then their friendship has had its ups and downs, but now Maxie and Lulu are bonefide BFFs and a force to reckoned with in Port Charles.

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