We’re Getting So Used to Seeing Kylie Jenner as X-Tina, We Can Hardly Tell Them Apart


Like most Christina Aguilera fans, Kylie Jenner can’t get over her love for the singer. Just a few weeks after she recreated Christina’s “Dirrty” outfit for Halloween, the star resurrected the look for Christina’s 36th birthday party. Kylie surprised the singer on Saturday night in custom Bryan Hearns, this time switching up the look’s color scheme to black and yellow.

“When XTINA wants u to dress as XTINA for her bday you do it!!!” wrote Kylie Jenner on a Snapchat photo of the duo.

Once at the party, Kylie and Christina cuddled up for a photo and shared an air kiss. We have a feeling the black-and-yellow outfit will go down as another one of Kylie’s most memorable looks of the year. Read on to see the full “Dirrty” outfit from all angles.

Thanks to: POPSUGAR Fashion